The Calm Before the Storm

Your child’s play area will soon be filled to overflowing with new toys. Is that play area your living room? Might want to start planning ahead to designate a special space in your home as the play area. Or if you have a play room, now would be a great time to give it an upgrade to take on the wear and tear of trucks, building blocks, and the occasional somersault. You can do this all simply and inexpensively with EVA foam mats.

EVA foam play mats can easily outline the play area simply by its layout and colorful patterns. If you live in a small space, or are renting and can’t make permanent alterations to your house, play mats are the way to go. You can create a temporary but obvious space for your kids to play. All the multi-purpose mats are interlocking, so you can connect as many or as few as you like. They come with straight edge pieces so no matter what configuration you choose, you can have a nice, finished look.

Cleaning the play room is never a favorite chore, for parent or child, but with a cool floor made of our foam mats, it can become a game, making it easier to enlist the kids’ help. “You pick up the toys on the purple mats, and I’ll pick up the toys on the green mats!” Better yet, divide the job between siblings! Of course there will be the occasional border dispute, but that’s easier to handle than tears and complaining, right? Once the floor is cleared, just sweep off debris with a broom or suction-only vacuum. If the mats become dirty, a mop or rag with a little mild detergent in soapy water will do the trick. And because of the interlocking configuration the foam mats, if one ever becomes damaged during the Battle for Rome, you can simply replace that mat.

Get ready for a new, easier to maintain play space with EVA foam mats. You could consider it a gift to yourself!