The Case for a Great Yoga Mat

Why do you need a great yoga mat? Isn’t the carpet in the living room enough? Or maybe just a thin, cheap mat from the local retailer? As Inigo Montoya famously quipped, “Lemme sum up.”

Your yoga mat is the foundation for your practice, whatever kind of yoga you embrace. And you never build anything of value on a cheap, substandard foundation because it won’t last. Begin with the best foundation: supportive, padded, textured, and guaranteed for life. Yeah, that’s a pretty good foundation. Our Manduka Pro and ProLite yoga mats are all these things and more. You’ll be able to choose a thickness that meets your needs, move between poses with ease, find sure grip for hands and feet on the fabric-like textured surface, and practice for the rest of your life knowing if something happens to your yoga mat, Manduka is there with their Lifetime Guarantee. That should give you confidence in your purchase.

Manduka Pro yoga mats are made differently from the cheap mats your gym uses. Most of those thin mats merely provide a negligible layer of questionable padding between you and the floor. But they also absorb sweat and bacteria. And where bacteria find a home, they grow and thrive. You don’t want your face in contact with that when you’re in Child’s Pose. And you don’t need to be picking up all that bacteria with your hands every time you touch the mat. The closed-cell construction of the Manduka mats exclude bacteria and other nastiness from their constitution. In other words, you’ll always have a clean, safe yoga mat on which to practice.

Designed by resource-conscious yogis, the Manduka yoga mats also leave the smallest environmental footprint possible. If you’ve embraced your role in caring for the planet and the resources we leave to the next generations, this is your yoga mat.

You chose yoga for a reason – now choose a yoga mat that will support your practice for the rest of your life. The Manduka Pro yoga mats are the best choice your can make for yourself and the planet.