The Comfortable Retail Solution

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to work you go. Are you looking forward to it? Does the thought of sore feet and an aching back make you dread the retail life? No question, retail workers are some of the most long-suffering people in business, being on their feet for long hours, and eventually it can take a toll. If you work in a retail setting or are the owner of a retail establishment, we’ve got a solution for you.

You probably spend most of your time on hard floors, either concrete or hardwood, but the good news is that even with that kind of floor as a foundation, our EVA foam mats can make them feel like a walk on the beach. Really. Because EVA foam mats are made from the same material that your summertime flip-flops are made from! Soft, shock-absorbing, and anti-fatigue, these mats will turn the dreaded 9 to 5 into something you look forward to every shift. Take a look at the different styles of mats we have to offer and you’ll be a believer.

Some retailers like that elegant, classic look and nothing says this more than our Classic Oak wood grain mats. These mats are so realistic, you won’t believe they’re foam until you step on them. They interlock with puzzle-like tabs for a seamless, hardwood look, but the feel is anything but hard. Comfort is the key to an energized, outgoing sales force, and our Classic Oak mats will give that to you in style.

If you kind of like the idea of using your company colors in your flooring application, take a look at our multi-purpose mats. These mats come in varying thicknesses, so if you just want to take the edge off or really provide some serious cushioning, there’s a mat that’s right for you. Order a pack of one solid color or mix a couple of colors to create eye-catching patterns. All our mats are suitable for island applications or wall-to-wall, so no matter the mat you choose, you’ll have a seamless, finished look that will have you relaxed in no time.

Guiding you to a comfortable flooring solution for your business is our job, and we’re confident you’ll find the answer in our EVA foam mats. Not sure how many to get for your configuration? Give us a call – our customer service folks can help you determine exactly what you need and get your gorgeous, comfy floor shipped out right away so you can start selling instead of aching.