The Home Gym You’ve Always Wanted

If you’re considering a home gym, you’ve obviously got a good head on your shoulders. The good news is that a home workout space doesn’t have to break the bank, at least not when you start with some excellent flooring options like our EVA foam mats!

Our interlocking foam tiles connect quickly and easily without professional installation, so that saves you some big bucks right there! Each set comes with straight-edged finishing pieces so your workout space has a crisp, defined look. And it’s just as easy to maintain. When you install the mats over a hard floor, like tile, hardwood, or concrete, they stay in place during your workout and when you need to clean them. No harsh chemicals are required; in fact, just sweep them off, then use a little water and some mild detergent with a mop, let them dry, and you’re good to go! They’ll stay looking great for years with minimal attention (can’t say that about too many things!).

If you’re looking to convert a small area of your home, maybe just a corner of the basement for solo aerobics or an area in the garage for a bag, you might be very happy with our 16 or 24 square foot pack of mats. If you really want to do up an area larger than that, take a look at our 100 square foot packs. The best part is that you can order in packs or by single tiles – we want your order to fit your new space perfectly!

While our 3/8” mats are great for home gyms, if you’re going to be using machines or lifting weights, you may want to consider our commercial rubber tiles. Made from recycled rubber, these interlocking mats will absorb shock like nobody’s business, protecting your floors, and giving you ample support during your workout.

The best home gym is only a few foam mats away. Give us a call if you have questions about which material to order or how much you might need. We love to talk to customers!