The Honest Truth About Trade Show Booths

Let’s talk about trade show booth flooring. Not a sexy topic, we know, but an important one. The truth is, how you design your booth, from flooring to lighting, to color coordination can make a huge difference in your success at the trade show. So let’s get to it.

Trade show booth flooring should do four things: make you and anyone staffing the booth comfortable so you perform at your best, be attractive enough to accentuate your product and attract potential visitors, be easy to transport and care for, and ideally, be a welcome respite to those who manage to get into your booth. Let’s break it down.

If you’re standing on hard concrete or maybe a roll of commercial carpet, your legs and everything else will ache within the hour, but on EVA foam mats you’ll feel energized, cared for, and ready to close the deal. EVA foam is a soft, sturdy, and durable answer to the trade show booth floor. The mats are anti-fatigue, taking some pressure off your joints, which will help keep you focused on your customers, and not on your aching feet.

Talk about attractive – trade show flooring can be anything from a solid color EVA foam to a checkerboard or other pattern, to one of many wood grain patterns, and even carpet topped. You can coordinate the color of your floor with your company colors and logo, or go straight classy with an eye-catching faux wood look. Any of the choices will enhance the appearance of your booth.

Now getting your trade show flooring to and from the show might have been a pain in the past if you were using the standard roll of carpet, but our trade show flooring solution is lightweight, easily stored in a shoulder bag, installed in seconds, and can be cleaned by sweeping or using a suction-only vacuum. If a single tile becomes damaged, you simply replace it. No need to throw out the whole floor. No flooring solution is easier.

Now when it comes to customers who’ve been hoofing it around the convention center on that cold, hard concrete floor, imagine the looks on their faces when they step into your booth and are greeted by the softest trade show booth flooring they’ve ever experienced. That EVA material that keeps you comfortable while you’re working is the same material that will make you customers breathe a little sigh of relief. They might even hang out at your booth a little longer!

Trade show booth flooring can be affordable, attractive, comfortable, and durable all at the same time. Give our EVA foam mats a try at your next event.