The Most Yoga Mat Options for Your Life

Woman standing on purple yoga mat

Yoga mats – most popular mat in the world? Probably not. Most commonly used? Nope. Most influential over the course of history? That… is actually a possibility. Most awesome and fun mat EVER? Definitely. Most colorful and interestingly designed mat in mass production? Pretty much. Basically, these are the mats that make you cool. You can walk around with one strapped to your back and people will just assume you have life figured out. Take it to work and lean it up against your desk – you are instantly the most interesting person in the office. Sit it across from you at the restaurant and order it a coffee – heads will turn, guaranteed.

We’re pretty crazy about our yoga mats. They’re kind of the coolest. We do love our EVA stuff, of course, but there’s just something about all the designs and the portability and individuality of the Gaiam™ yoga mats that we can’t ignore. You’ve got tons of options, from the thickness of the mat, to the color, to the design, and even the texture and level of grip. The mat you order will be yours, and in all likelihood, you’ll never see another one exactly like it even in the crowded weekend classes at the yoga studio.

So if you’ve got a little experience with yoga mats, order your new best friend today (and don’t forget to apologize to the old one who will probably be pretty bummed you’re replacing them with an inanimate object). If you aren’t totally sure what the ideal mat is for your purposes, don’t hesitate to give us a call or email and we can help you find the one that’s going to suit your needs perfectly. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook for discounts!