The Motivational Yoga Mat

If your yoga mat does nothing more than sit in a corner and make you feel guilty, you’ve got the wrong yoga mat. It’s hard enough to commit to a regular fitness routine, so why not use a yoga mat that can actually motivate you to practice? We’ve got just the thing.

At a whopping 6mm thick, our Manduka PRO yoga mat will feel more like a comfy place to nap or hunker down with a good book than a place to work out. But thickness can be deceiving. There are plenty of yoga mats out there that boast how padded they are, but the reality is that many of them are so squishy, they can prevent you from achieving those balancing poses which are so crucial. The Manduka PRO yoga mat is thick, but its high-density construction means that it’s supportive at the same time. Balancing poses on the Manduka PRO mean you not only have some cushioning for seated postures, but sturdy support for standing and balancing poses as well. It really has the best of everything.

Manduka yoga mats, thanks to that high-density construction, aren’t going to fall apart in short order, either, like some of the other less well-constructed mats on the market. Sure, they might be thick, but most of that thickness is air, which leaves lots of room for small tears and stretching to occur. Because of the Manduka’s construction, those possibilities for damage are all but eliminated. This is a yoga mat for a lifetime. In fact, the Manduka PRO yoga mat comes with a lifetime guarantee!

With that kind of confidence in your Manduka yoga mat, you will be easily motivated to rejoin the yoga mat life and commit to a regular practice. Your seated postures will be more comfortable, encouraging you to practice longer, and your balancing poses will have support to motivate you to hold those poses just a little longer and with more confidence. Who would have thought a yoga mat could be so motivational? Maybe it should do a speaking tour…