The Perfect Size Yoga Mat

Making sure you have the right size yoga mat is just as important as making sure you have the right size pants or shoes. It’s got to fit and be comfortable or you won’t use it. If you are one of those people who needs longer pants, shirts, even beds, you’re going to appreciate the attention we’ve given to making sure you have a yoga mat to fit you. And if you’re someone who loves yoga but the standard yoga mats just don’t allow you to practice comfortably, you’ll love the different thicknesses of our yoga mats. We’re not kidding when we say we have a yoga mat for everyone!

Take, for example, our Athletic Duramat. Standard yoga mats are 68” x 24” but our Athletic Duramat is ten inches longer and two inches wider! Sometimes, an inch or two makes all the difference, as you well know if you’ve tried doing yoga on a 68” mat before. For taller people, or those who do a lot of movement on their mats, the extra length of the Duramat means you can accomplish postures on the mat they way you’re supposed to. No more needing to put hands or feet directly on the floor! And because the Duramat is 5 mm in thickness, you’ll enjoy just the right amount of cushioning to make your practice that much more comfortable.

Our Athletic 2Grip yoga mat also measures 78”x 26” but has a high tack finish. This means that in more athletic uses of the yoga mat (hot yoga, etc.) or even if you’re just a person who perspires a lot, this mat will provide traction for your hands and feet even when they’re damp or wet with perspiration.

Tall yogis shouldn’t have to practice on short yoga mats. It’s pretty simple: we think everyone should have a yoga mat that fits. Take a look at all our yoga mats and find a length, width, and thickness that’s perfect for you.