The Purchase Pose

If there’s one thing We Sell Mats can teach you about yoga, it’s the Purchase Pose. We’re not exactly sure of the Sanskrit word for it, but it involves the state of mind you must possess when purchasing your yoga mat.

Don’t worry about bending over backward or straining muscles you never knew you had; your yoga mat is patient and will be there when the time comes to do those things. We have yoga mats for everyone: those who want their mat to reflect their personality, those who need a high-tack surface for extra traction, and those who want a lot of padding. All our mats are made by Gaiam, the first name you think of when quality yoga mats come to mind. We’ve chosen a special selection of Gaiam yoga mats, many of which you can’t find elsewhere. We’re certain that when you’re ready for the Purchase Pose, you’ll find success at We Sell Mats.

The standard yoga mat is 3mm, with just enough padding to make your practice comfortable and secure. Many advanced yogis and yoginis prefer this mat because it allows a greater feel of the floor for secure balancing. A step up in terms of padding is the 5mm mat, which takes a little bit more of the edge off while still offering superior footing. This is a good choice for someone used to workouts, but hasn’t tried yoga yet. Finally, there’s the 8mm yoga mat which is a high-tack, super thick and joint-friendly yoga mat. If comfort is high on your list of yoga mat characteristics, this might be best for you.

Tree Pose, Mountain Pose, Child’s Pose – they’re all made easier when you begin in the Purchase Pose right here at We Sell Mats. It’s the easiest pose you’ll ever do, we can promise you that! If you’re not sure which mat is going to be best for you, give us a call. Our customer service folks are absolutely and very seriously into mats, so they’ll be able to talk with you to determine which mat to purchase. The mat will ship quickly and you can move from Purchase Pose to whatever pose you choose next!