The Role Model’s Gymnastics Equipment

Every young gymnast has a hero or role model to look up to, so wouldn’t you be the coolest parent in the world if you surprised your kid with some Nastia Liukin gymnastics equipment to use at home? It’s possible! We carry Nastia’s signature line of equipment from tumbling mats to balance beams, and even a preschool-sized training bar. Your tumbler will shriek with excitement when the package arrives; what a testament to your encouragement of their choice to participate in a truly great sport!

Nastia’s signature tumbling mats come in two sizes, 4′ x 8′ and and 5′ x 10′, so you can make sure you’re getting the one that fits best right now or the one that’s going to last a little longer as your child grows. The tumbling mats are made of 1.5″ of polyethylene foam padding and are covered in a thick, durable 18 oz vinyl with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Not too many of your child’s toys can claim that! The mats fold up for easy storage when they’re not in use, but trust us, they’re going to be in use more often than not! Two color patterns to choose from may make your decision a little harder, but no matter which pattern or size you choose, you can be sure this is one long-term investment that will be worth every dime.

Now choosing one of Nastia’s balance beams may be a little trickier: maybe you get more than one?! Nastia knows that different levels of experience and comfort levels require different beams, so if you have a tumbler who’s just beginning to learn enough balance to warrant a beginner beam, you can’t go wrong with the foam balance beam. This balance beam sits flat on the ground, is made of a sturdy but forgiving foam and is has dimensions to make the beginner feel comfortable, safe, and able to explore. Another great beginner beam is Nastia’s 3′ balance beam. This one is made of wood and sits on sturdy and steady legs to give it just a little rise off the floor for a more real-beam introduction. And for the gymnast who need the true feel of a balance beam at home without the height concern, there’s Nastia’s Junior Balance Beam. This beam also sits just off the floor, with solid wood construction and a competition-like suede covering for traction and grip. Which one will you choose?!

And finally, for a whole lot of fun for the littlest of tumblers, you may consider the preschool training bar (to be used with a tumbling mat beneath it). Kids love watching their heroes spin and fly on the uneven and parallel bars, and this little training bar can give them a taste of what they’re going to be doing a few years down the road.

It’s hard to compete with a hero like Nastia Liukin, but when you surprise your kids with her signature gymnastics equipment, you may just take second place.