The Sociology of Trade Show Booth Flooring

Staffing the trade show booth can be a pretty polarizing experience—for some, it’s a fun, exciting way to market where you can let your sterling personality attract customers to your business rather than relying on media advertising where there’s no real way to establish a relationship with potential customers. For others, the trade show is a long, harrowing, overwhelming test of endurance. We’re no sociologists, but we’ve got a theory about what causes the difference between the two groups: see what kind of surface they’re standing on in their booths. Very little kills an energetic mood in the nuanced and frustrating way that sore feet do, and very little damages your ability to capitalize on a trade show like a grumpy booth dude.

So what kind of trade show booth flooring options are out there besides heavy rolls of carpet? Well, you may have noticed we’re not called WeSellConcreteConventionCenterFloors, and that’s not for nothing. The mats we sell are some of the most comfortable material to stand on for a long period of time. Rolls of carpet are heavy, and if you’re getting the traffic you’re looking for at a trade show, that sort of stuff is going to get really dirty, really fast. Wood grain-styled floor mats? They’ll look great throughout the day, they’re easy to put down and pack up, and they’re resistant to most cleaning chemicals, so they’ll be even easier to tidy up after a busy trade show. We’re even carrying a shoulder bag built to carry up to 120 square feet of these mats. Nothing’s going to beat these for comfort and convenience at a trade show.

As always, feel free to give us a call if you’re not 100% sure what kind of mats might suit your trade show booth needs best (the EVA mats are a hit for booths too). And if you’d like to make an order, don’t forget to like us on Facebook first for a 5% discount on everything you buy from us now, and in the future!