The Story of Your Trade Show Booth

If your trade show booth floor tells the stories of a thousand exhibition hours through the inevitable medium of stains, it may be time to replace that sorry roll of carpet with some stain-resistant, padded, EVA foam flooring tiles. Now don’t go getting all nostalgic for those stains – they may be stories to you, but to your potential customers, they’re just stains.

EVA foam flooring in a trade show booth is nothing short of a miracle. In just a few minutes, you’ll have installed an attractive, shock-absorbing, anti-fatigue eye-catcher that will most likely translate into a better trade show experience for you and your business. Take, for example, some classy wood grain EVA foam mats. Nothing says “high-end” more than the look of elegant hardwood, and these mats are no exception. What customers see when they look at your booth is a seamless flooring system of oak, mahogany, bamboo, or even slate. What they feel when they approach your booth is soft, comforting, even luxurious EVA foam mats that only look like real wood. Now you’ve got their attention.

Perhaps the look and feel of carpet is important for your booth, so we’ve got some carpet top EVA foam mats to take over for that stained, heavy, and uncooperative roll of carpet. With a commercial-style carpet surface, you’ll retain the warm feel of carpet with the bonus of the comfort of thick EVA foam. And when those inevitable spills occur, just clean them up; you can even wash the individual tiles if you need to. And if one ever becomes damaged, you can simply replace that one particular tile and your whole floor will look good as new.

When it’s time to let your trade show booth tell a new story, start with some EVA foam floor mats. Then, when your visitors are nice and comfortable and duly impressed with your booth, you can deliver the happy ending for which they’ve been looking.