The Surest Way to Improve Your Home Gym

There are so many fitness routines out there that it can be hard to choose the right equipment you’ll need, including your flooring. Is yoga your thing? You’ll need a mat. Do you enjoy BJJ? You’ll need mats. Do you do high-impact workouts at home? You’ll need some seriously shock-absorbent floor mats. No matter what you do in your home gym or workout space, you’re going to need protection and stability from your flooring system to take your mind off potential stress injury and keep it focused on your regimen.

Let’s start with the basic 3/8″ multi-purpose mat. This little guy gives you just enough padding to keep your joints awake, but not stressed. Keeping you going is their main purpose, but protecting the floors underneath them is a bonus. With these mats, you’ll have maximum stability with just the right amount of padding to take the edge off. They’re great for floor work, pilates, even yoga.

If you need a little more padding, our 1/2″ mats are ready and waiting. These anti-fatigue, shock absorbing mats will allow you to feel supported and protected by a half-inch of EVA foam. If you’re new to home workouts, if you expect to be spending a lot of time on the floor, or maybe if kids will be using the space, the 1/2″ mats are an excellent choice. As with all our multi-purpose mats, you can choose from a beautiful spectrum of colors and mix and match to create some fun patterns.

Now if you’re into the martial arts or really high-impact activities like HIIT or plyometrics, you should definitely consider our 3/4″ mats. These are the thickest multi-purpose mats we have and will do the best at absorbing high impact. Take it easy on your body while challenging and pushing it at the same time.

All our multi-purpose EVA foam mats are easy to install. In a matter of minutes you can have your space covered and looking like a professional gym. The mats have interlocking tabs, like puzzle pieces, so they lock together quickly and easily. The straight edge pieces provide a finished look, and the EVA foam is easy to cut to fit your space exactly. When they need to be cleaned, just sweep off debris or use a suction-only vacuum, and if you want to wash them off, just use a little mild detergent in water. The mats are water-resistant, so they won’t take long at all to dry.

Whatever your home fitness routine, the surest way to make it better is to add EVA foam mats to the floor. They’ll protect you, your floors, and create an inviting space that makes you look forward to your workout instead of dreading it.