The Trade Show Floor Solution

If you’re shopping for a better solution to your trade show booth flooring needs, you’ve come to the right place. We understand the fatigue and joint pain that sets in after standing for hours on cold, hard, convention center floors. We also know how important it is that your trade show booth be attractive, professional, and easily maintained. Our goal is to help you transform your booth into a comfortable, classy little piece of real estate in an exhibition hall filled with competitors and potential customers.

EVA foam mats are a great alternative to rolls of heavy, easily stained, and difficult to transport carpet rolls. At the end of the day, you don’t want to break your back loading up heavy flooring in addition to the rest of your display, and with some small, lightweight, interlocking foam mats, you won’t have to. Our standard mats are 24 square inches, so you can lay only as many as you need, even changing configurations with different venues. But you’ll never need so many that they become difficult to transport.

You might think that lightweight foam tiles wouldn’t make much difference in the feel of the floor, but trust us when we tell you the anti-fatigue mats really do their job of relieving stress on your joints. When your competitors are tired, sagging in their folding chairs, and barely able to carry on a conversation with a customer, you and your staff will be energized, enthusiastic, and an impressive sight for sore eyes. Because our mats come in different thicknesses, you can choose the one that feels best to you. Goodbye, sore feet and backs!

One of the most popular trade show floor coverings is our carpet top mats. They look like commercial carpeting, but fit together in squares just like all our other mats. The colors work well with logos and company colors, and because the carpet texture is on top of EVA foam, the mats are still lightweight and easy to assemble, take apart, and transport.

For a truly elegant trade show booth floor, consider our Forest Floor® mats. You’d never know they were foam mats until you stepped on them. They really are beautiful. Our Classic Oak is very popular with businesses who regularly exhibit at trade shows. You should see some of the expressions of people when they step on it thinking it’s really hardwood!

Your booth can be improved exponentially with the simple addition of some soft, shock-absorbing foam mats. And our customer service can’t be beat, so if you need to order more, we’ll make sure you get what you need. Now go tackle that next trade show!