The Tumbling Mat Less Traveled

What’s going to make all the difference for your young tumbler or gymnast? When the little tumblers come home from tumbling class, they just want to keep going. And young gymnasts with aspirations want to be able to continue practicing even when they’ve left the gym. How do you encourage this drive at home? Simple! Grab a few of our gymnastics tumbling mats, maybe a soft balance beam, and you’re the most awesome parent in the world!

With a tumbling mat at home, you can be certain that while your young gymnast is practicing, there’s plenty of padding to keep them safe. And because our tumbling mats fold up and are easily managed by even very young tumblers, they can be stored out of sight when they’re not in use. The various sizes of our mats ensure that you’ll get just the right size for your child’s needs. They even have hook and loop fasteners to attach two or more together should the need for more space occur.

Our sturdy, soft, and low-mount balance beams are perfect for a gymnast at any level to practice beam routines safely at home. Wider at the base and competitively narrow on the top, these beams sit directly on the floor, so a slip or fall won’t result in a dangerous, injury-causing plummet. And just like our tumbling mats, the beams fold for easy storage. If you’ve ever caught your gymnast practicing on the deck railing outdoors, this should be a welcome addition to your household decor!

Gymnastics practice and tumbling play can be safe at home with some heavy-duty vinyl covered tumbling mats and an appropriately sized balance beam. They’re affordable, too (peace of mind is included in the cost!) and well worth their price for their durability and support. Give your gymnast a gift that will encourage their pursuit of a healthy, active lifestyle with any equipment from our gymnastics line. You’ll breathe a little easier knowing they’re safe at the gym as well as at home.