The Versatile Tumbling Mat

Think tumbling mats are just for gymnastics? Think again. We’ve had comments and reviews from customers about using tumbling mats for all kinds of activities, so we’d like to share a few with you. You may just realize that a tumbling mat is actually the answer to a problem you didn’t even know you had!

While tumbling mats are generally part of gymnastics accoutrement, they perform equally as well for cheering. Many gyms use tumbling mats for cheer practice and competitions. They’re thick enough to absorb shock when you fall, but not too thick so as to make footing unstable. They’re the perfect surface to practice cheer on, whether in a gym setting or at home. You can use them indoors or put them outside for a little more space. The edges have hook and loop fasteners so you can make an even larger area by attaching two or more together. Invite the whole squad over for practice in the back yard!

As thick as they are, tumbling mats can be a great surface for young kids to learn martial arts on, too. Studio mats are generally more firm, but when your child is in a studio, they have professionals to make sure they’re safe. At home, it might give you more peace of mind to know they have a little more padding. Practicing forms on tumbling mats is easy, and when you get invited to join them in practice, you’ll appreciate the thickness!

Daycare settings often use tumbling mats in a specific area of the daycare where more roughhousing or physical play is common. If your daycare doesn’t have a shock-absorbing, anti-allergy flooring area, you’re inviting trouble. Tumbling mats will prevent injuries and won’t hold all the dirt and allergens that carpet does. They’re really easy to clean and will outlast the kids’ energy levels.

The list of tumbling mat uses goes on and on. Play areas at home, yoga, pilates, any kind of bodyweight exercise – you name it. It can’t help from benefiting from the addition of a tumbling mat or two.