The Whole Yoga Package

It’s true – we have everything you need to practice yoga (except a yogi). When you want an affordable, one-stop shop for your yoga practice, We Sell Mats is it. If you’re not familiar with what we have to offer, keep reading and we’ll introduce you!

It all starts with the perfect yoga mat for your needs. Some people like to have a good feel of the floor underneath them when they practice. It helps with balance and grip, and just a little bit of padding to take the edge off. If this is your preference, we’d like you to meet our Gaiam® 3mm yoga mats. They come in a gorgeous variety of colors and prints so you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for you.

If you like just a wee bit more cushioning, the 5mm yoga mat is an excellent choice. It still helps you feel the solidity beneath the mat, but provides enough padding to make seated and prone postures more comfortable. The texture of the 5mm, like the 3mm, ensures a good grip for hands and feet, and the colors and patterns will make you smile.

Now, if you feel like you need lots of mediation between you and the floor, you can’t go wrong with our 8mm mat. This yoga mat offers the maximum amount of padding without being a mattress. It has been said that this mat is comfortable enough that yes, you could in fact take a nap on it. Bet you didn’t know corpse pose could be even more relaxing, did you?!

Once you’ve got your mat picked out, you’ll want to consider two very important accessories: the yoga block and the yoga strap. Blocks are essential for beginners who need to modify poses and for more seasoned practitioners who like to mix it up. Our Gaiam® yoga block is extra dense for solidity and has a textured grip for security. To help stretch yourself slightly beyond your last achievement, our yoga strap is just the ticket. Made of 100% cotton and durable D-rings, this strap can help you ease into a stretch or pose or entice you to go a bit further.

Pad, challenge, and extend your yoga practice with a complete set of yoga supplies. But beware: once you have everything you need, there’s no excuse for not joining the Yoga Mat Life!!