They’re Ribbed for a Reason

Finding purchase on a martial arts mat is critical, so our Tatami finish martial arts mats have the ribbed texture similar to the original tatami rice straw mats used by the original martial artists. The textured surface of the supportive and shock-absorbing martial arts mats plays a crucial part in keeping you safe while you practice, whether at home in your own martial arts practice area or in a studio outfitted with Jumbo martial arts mats.

Making sure you have textured martial arts mats on which to practice is no different or less important that making sure you have a qualified teacher. Incorrect execution, lack of qualified instruction, poor form, and the wrong surface are all examples of missed safety precautions. You wouldn’t make those choices, though, would you? You’d make sure your martial arts practice was well-informed, safe, and something you could replicate in your home if you chose to do so. That’s why you shouldn’t skimp on flooring for that practice area. It’s just as important as a good instructor. It will make learning falls easier, absorb shock, protect joints, and give you firm grip with those Tatami ribs, so slipping isn’t an option.

Texture in a martial arts mat is even more crucial if you spend so much time on your mats that you work up a good sweat. Nothing threatens a safe workout more than the possibility of slipping. One little spill and the resulting injury could mean a premature end to practice. But the ribs on our Tatami finish martial arts mats add just enough surface texture that even when you sweat, you still have access to secure footing and traction. Smooth mats offer no such traction.

Before you begin a martial arts practice at home, make sure your mats are the best: our Tatami finish martial arts mats. You’ll enjoy years of safe, grounded, slip-resistant practice thanks to the ribs!