Think You’re Not Fit for Yoga?

For many, the thought of rolling out a yoga mat seems pointless. “I can’t even touch my toes, how do you expect me to do yoga?” “The image of me in yoga pants should be criminalized.” “I’m old enough to be your grandfather – what makes you think I could bend into a pretzel?” Yeah, we’ve all heard the reasons not to do yoga, but frankly, the people who feel incapable of doing yoga are exactly the people who could benefit most from it!

If you purchase a yoga mat, you’ve already made the decision to give it a go. Kudos! The next part is easy: going to a class designed for folks like you, or doing yoga at home under the instruction of an online or video yogi. Either way, you’re going to get your yoga mat broken in as well as your body. Maybe “broken” isn’t the best term when talking about your body and yoga, but you get the drift.

A good yoga mat can really incentivize you to commit to a practice. If this is your first yoga mat, we’d like to suggest one with plenty of cushioning so the parts of your body that aren’t used to much contact with the floor can get used to it. Our Manduka Pro yoga mat is twice the thickness of the standard yoga mat and provides excellent padding and durability. In fact, it improves with time. If you think a 6mm isn’t going to be enough, step on up to our Sol Premium Dry-Grip 8mm yoga mat. While still affording balance, this is the thickest mat we offer. It won’t bunch up or slip beneath you, and it won’t stretch out. It’s made of natural rubber and the surface is textured so you won’t lose your grip.

Getting your first yoga mat shouldn’t be the part of your practice that’s challenging. Leave that to the yogis. Take the stress out of pre-yoga planning and get your thick, stable, and encouraging yoga mat right here at We Sell Mats.