Time and Martial Arts Mats

Time is a precious resource, and with a few martial arts mats in your home, you can practice your martial arts any time of the day or night. Waiting for the next studio session or packing things up to head to the gym isn’t the best use of time when it comes to how your martial arts practice progresses, so having a home martial arts gym or practice area can save you time and kick your practice up a notch. 

Maintaining a regular martial arts practice can be difficult, especially when you’re waiting for the next class, but with some of our EVA foam martial arts mats in your home, you can get to that workout anytime you like. EVA foam martial arts mats provide just the surface you need to complete a safe workout at home whenever the mood strikes. The EVA foam absorbs shock, so any falls, which will inevitably happen, won’t necessarily end in an injury, slight or severe, and you can get up and keep practicing. While it’s soft enough to protect you from falls, the EVA foam is also sturdy enough to provide the support you need to keep you balance and launch forms and attacks with confidence.

Our martial arts mats are simple to install – so simple you can do it yourself without professional help. Just measure the area you want to cover, then order your mats. For a small space or one in an island configuration, our regular martial arts mats do the job. Choose the thickness that will be right for you, add some carpet tape to the underside to prevent slipping during heavy use, and you’re done. For larger areas, or for wall-to-wall configurations, our Jumbo martial arts mats cover the area faster, with fewer mats and fewer seams. Your new home martial arts studio will be ready in mere minutes.

You don’t have time to waste (who does?!), so make the most of it by installing some martial arts mats at home to extend the life of your martial arts practice.