Time for a Makeover?

Is your trade show booth as tired of the circuit as you are? Maybe it’s time for a trade show booth makeover that will boost not only the booth’s appearance, but its performance as well. 

Like anything that’s well-used, trade show booths and the flooring they sit on can become worn, damaged, and tired looking. That’s not the best message to communicate to potential customers at a trade exhibition. You know from experience that when you yourself don’t feel your best, you’re not going to be at the top of your game. The same is true for your trade show booth. And your booth’s appearance is crucial in helping your business make that good first impression, so if the barn needs paintin’…

Fortunately, trade show booth flooring is affordable, attractive, versatile, and easily maintained when you get the good stuff. We’re talking EVA foam with vibrant colors, wood grain, or even commercial carpet tops. You choose. No matter which style you end up with, you’ll be able to transport it from venue to venue without breaking your back. You’ll have it installed in a matter of minutes, and when it’s time to clean up, just sweep it off. Some makeovers can be pretty pricey, but when you’re talking about EVA foam trade show booth flooring, it’s a makeover that will be as easy on your wallet as it is on your feet. And boy, are your feet ever going to love this new floor! Anti-fatigue foam just soaks away the stress of standing on your feet for hours on end. It cushions your joints and keeps you energized to the end of the day. There’s really nothing not to love about this floor.

Take a minute to examine your trade show booth floor and ask yourself if it could stand a little TLC. If the answer is yes, don’t worry; the much-needed makeover won’t drain your bank account. Boost your business’ trade show booth performance with nothing more than some new flooring – makeovers are always best when they start with a good foundation!