Time To Bring It In

As the weather cools down, rolling in the leaves will quickly give way to rolling around the house, and what better way to encourage that active lifestyle than with some safe, supportive tumbling mats? It might not be as fun as falling into a gigantic pile of leaves, but tumbling mats afford the opportunity to do more than you could in the crunchy, fall ground coverings. 

Tumbling mats might just be the way to prevent the complaining when the kids are told to come inside because it’s too cold to be out. And lest they think they get to plop down and watch tv or play video games, you’ll be ready with a colorful, inviting mat that will immediately suggest all kinds of activities. And for the most part, those activities will make sure they continue to get the exercise and play time they need as kids for growing up.

Look at a couple of examples of tumbling mats in use. Because our mats fold, they’re not just for lying flat on the ground and being played upon. Once they figure out they can partially fold them and stand them up, they become things to play under as well. Magically, the tumbling mats become tents, spaceships, houses, forts, and secret hideaways. What do all those activities have in common? Movement. All you did was provide a piece of equipment and during the colder months of the year, the kids are still active.

The standard use of tumbling mats of course, is tumbling. If you have little kids, toddlers through early elementary age, tumbling mats provide a venue for play that is also helpful for learning balance, motor control and some simple tumbling and gymnastics skills. For older kids who maybe already take a tumbling or gymnastics class, having a mat at home can extend their practice time and allow them to practice what they’ve learned in a safe environment at home.

You really can’t go wrong with tumbling mats. They’re a great idea for any age, any time, any reason. Give the mats a tumble and you’ll see what a great addition they make to your kids’ active lifestyles.