Tired Gym Floor?

January is the busiest month for gyms, so if the floor of your fitness center is starting to feel the wear and tear of those New Year’s Resolution memberships, it could be time for our commercial rubber flooring mats to come in and give it new life!

Fitness center floors take a beating, no doubt, but with commercial rubber tiles under heavy machines, in free-weight areas, and in slippery locker rooms, they can bounce back and stay durable, attractive, and slip-resistant. At a mere 3/8″ thick, our rubber flooring tiles allow stability and balance while absorbing the shock from treadmills and dropped weights. Heavy traffic areas won’t hold dirt or show signs of wear the way commercial carpeting will. Sweep away loose dirt, then mop with a little water and mild detergent to keep the mats looking brand new.

Our commercial rubber tiles are unique in that they don’t require professional installation. Each tile connects to the others with interlocking tabs. Simply lay them down over your flat surface like concrete, wood, or tile and lock them in place. No toxic or messy adhesives are required either, so if the configuration needs to change, simply lift up the mats and put them back where you want them. You can’t do that with concrete!

We also offer a unique custom color option with our rubber flooring. It’s super easy to order a flooring color combination that fits right in with your existing wall color or business logo.

Commercial rubber flooring mats are a great way to go when you need to protect floors, customers, and your bottom line. And we know you’re going to love our customer service, too. Our job is to make sure you get what you need, as fast as you can, and to make sure you don’t have to spend a small fortune doing it. As a small business owner, you have enough challenges – flooring shouldn’t be one of them!