Today, A Playroom

Seems like the playroom ought to grow at the same pace your kids do, doesn’t it? They get new toys, a few weeks later they’ve outgrown them (and their latest pair of pants), and it’s on to the next adventure. Fortunately, with some EVA foam mats in the playroom, the space can grow, shrink, evolve and move entirely when it has to!

If you have a limited area in your home for a playroom or play space, EVA foam mats can help define it. One pack of 3/8” mats will give you 24 square feet of coverage that can be placed in seconds, cleaned easily, and moved when necessary. Just because your space is small doesn’t mean it has to be uncomfortable. Our mats provide the kids (and parents and grandparents) with soft, supportive spaces to sit and play for hours.

Now if you have a larger area to cover, maybe an unfinished basement or an extra room, you can order just as many mats as you need. You can even combine colors for an eye-popping, fun look. If you want the play space to blend with your existing decor, you might consider some carpet top or wood grain mats. These lend warmth and elegance to any room, regardless of purpose, while still being durable and comfortable.

Playrooms don’t have to look like natural disaster wake zones, although a little chaos can be fun. EVA foam mats can help contain the reach of the toys, make clean-up a little easier, and protect your existing floors from the excessive rigors of childhood. Then, when they’re all grown up, the playroom floors can help you convert the space back to something a little more, shall we say…grown up? Or not. That’s the flexibility of mats – they’ll help you make your space into whatever you want it to be. For now, it’s a playroom, and a soft, squishy, fun one at that!