Too Much Sitting? Tumbling Mats to the Rescue!

If your kids have not started back to school, they soon will be, and the best thing you can have ready for them when they get home is a healthy snack and some tumbling mats. (“Huh?”) You heard us correctly – something to hold them over until dinner and something to help them maintain an active lifestyle rather than crashing on the couch or bed with an electronic entertainment device. We are definitely not anti-electronics, but one thing is for certain: when kids have the option to be active or sedentary, it’s far too easy to choose the latter. But we all know where that road leads.

Tumbling mats are a great way to help kids get the wiggles out after a day of too much sitting still (something they’ve never been programmed to do). With the smallest of our tumbling mats, just 4’x6′ and 1.5″ thick, you provide your little energy machine with a safe place to wrestle, tumble, or just roughhouse. Got a bigger kid? Get a bigger mat! Even better, get a second tumbling mat the same size and use the Velcro edges to connect them together. This way, the play space can grow as the child does (and the number of friends they invite over to hang out on their cool mats). When they’re not in use, the mats come apart easily and fold up so you can tuck them out of the way.

Of course tumbling mats are primarily used for gymnastics practice, but even if your child isn’t involved in a formal tumbling or gymnastics program, the tumbling mats can still help with necessary muscular development and growth. If they are involved in a tumbling class, the mats will be a way to encourage them to continue practice at home, showing off what they learned in class in a safe home environment. But tumbling mats aren’t the only piece of gymnastics equipment that can be fun to have around.

Incline mats are just about as fun as it gets. These cheese wedge-shaped mats are used in the younger years to help little ones control their bodies in things like forward rolls, and older, more experienced gymnasts use them to perfect things like back handsprings. But dang, if these things aren’t just fun to play on. You’ll see your kids’ imaginations open to the universe with all kinds of ways to use them in play – and talk about having friends over – better make that snack a snack tray ’cause all the friends are going to want to come play!

By the end of the day, you’re an exhausted parent who still wants to be an encouragement to your young student, so the path of least resistance may very well be having some tumbling mats or an incline mat handy to keep them actively engaged in something healthful while you’re pulling dinner together. We’ve got your back: you’ll be the parent of the century when you surprise your kids with a set of tumbling and incline mats.