Top 5 Reasons to Use Commercial Rubber Floor Tiles

Let’s just say that commercial flooring ain’t just for commercial use anymore. More and more people are discovering the advantages of recycled rubber flooring in both commercial and residential applications. And we’re here to tell you why.The most outstanding quality of rubber flooring that distinguishes it from other commercial flooring applications is its resilience. It’s strong, can take just about anything that rolls, walks, crawls, slides, or drives on it. It will stand up to all kinds of weather in outdoor applications and if you treat it right, it could easily last 20 years.

Something that performs that well might be expected to have some seriously high-maintenance issues, but not recycled rubber flooring. This stuff is so easy to take care of you’ll wonder why you didn’t use it before. Our interlocking rubber mats just snap in place, no adhesive required. For larger areas, where a roll of the flooring material is called for, maintenance is still just as simple. We recommend a mop and a bucket of water. That’s it. No harsh cleaning chemicals, no high-tech machines. And because the flooring is made from recycled rubber, it is naturally stain resistant.

What doesn’t it do? Well for one thing, it doesn’t absorb spills. Nice, huh? Its nonporous nature means that when moisture accumulates, whether from spills, weather, or (heaven forbid) basement flooding, a simple mopping will return the floor to its original state with no staining or warping. If you do have major water issues indoors, the interlocking tiles can simply be pulled up, dried, and replaced once the floor has dried. In basement settings, if moisture is an issue, it might be a good idea to consider a vapor barrier before laying the tiles.

In retail and other commercial settings, appearance matters. With the color selections available in our rubber flooring line, you’ll be able to select a look that complements your business logo or brand colors with ease. Custom colors are available, too.

Finally, commercial rubber flooring has that magical ability to relieve stress. You heard right, though don’t give up your Yoga classes just yet. Fatigue from standing or walking for long periods of time is a major contributor to stress injuries on the job. Lower back pain, knee and hip pain can all be relieved by the simple application of a little rubber. Whether it’s just a square behind the counter for the cashiers or a completely covered warehouse floor, recycled rubber will relieve stress to the feet, legs, back, and joints resulting in happier employees and better customer service.

Please give the fantastic folks in our customer service department a call at 704-929-8945 (they’re all lounging around on rubber tiles just itching to take your call) to help you determine which kind of rubber flooring is best for your needs, whether commercial or residential. We know you’ll be happy with our team and our product!