Top 5 Uses for Carpet Foam Mats

Top Uses of Carpet Foam Mats

Is it strange to feel like our different mats not only have different purposes, but also different… personalities? Our regular EVA Foam Mats are fun-loving and hard-working, and our Martial Arts Mats are stern and competitive. Our Carpet-Top Foam Mats are very level-headed and pragmatic, but sometimes, when it’s quiet in the warehouse, they also feel a little under-appreciated because they don’t come across as exciting and full of possibility as some of their cousins. To that end, we’ve composed a list of the Top 5 Uses for Carpet Foam Mats to lift their spirits and give you some great ideas for how to put these wonderful mats to great use. Enjoy!

#1: Use Carpet Foam Mats in Your Basement

For those of you who live in parts of the country where basements are a common feature, you’re well aware of the challenges associated with making your basement a useful and pleasant space. Many basements have poured concrete or cement floors and bare cinder-block walls, which makes them very cold and uninviting. Installing carpet-top foam mats on your basement floor is an inexpensive and effective way to warm up the space (literally and figuratively) and also improve overall acoustics. This can be really helpful if you have a television or media center in your basement. Some basements have trouble with occasional flooding, which makes installing a permanent floor difficult and costly. Our Carpet-Top Foam Mats can be easily removed and laid out to try, or easily and inexpensively replaced in the event of extensive damage. All in all, they’re a great solution for basement flooring.

#2: Use Carpet Foam Mats in Your Trade Show Booth

If you work in just about any kind of sales, chances are that you’ve spent some time at a trade show or even worked a trade show booth yourself. And what do you think is the hardest part of spending the day at a trade show? Standing up for hours on end, usually on the hard floor of a convention center! Enter our Carpet-Top Foam Mats. Not only will your feet and back thank you for a floor surface that is soft and forgiving, but your visitors will be more comfortable too! Our selection of colors means you can also have one of the best-looking booths at the show, possibly even matched with your corporate branding color scheme.

#3: Use Carpet Foam Mats at Your Point of Sale

Work in retail? Many retail environments have hard floors, which can be back-breaking when you’re working the register for an 8-hour shift. Even a single tile of Carpet-Top Foam Mats can give you two square feet of blessed relief and anti-fatigue support. If you’ve got a whole row of registers at checkout, combine the tiles from one or more packs to build an attractive row of carpet for your cashiers to stand on. Trust us when we say that happy cashiers lead to better interactions with customers, which in turn leads to happier customers, higher retention, and even higher revenues. Who knew something as simple as Carpet-Top Foam Mats could lead to higher revenues? ;c)

#4: Use Carpet Foam Mats on Gymnasium Floors

You know that moment during a basketball game when players are about to be substituted in off the bench? The coach calls their name, gives them some instructions, and then they walk over to center court and wait for the referee to whistle them in. More often than not, players ranging from pee-wee to professional will be standing on a ratty old door mat that got dragged in from outside the gym. Players need a spot where they can dry their shoes and maybe even stand or sit comfortably if it takes a few minutes for a substitution opportunity to arise. A pack of Carpet-Top Foam Mats will easily assemble and dis-assemble at the beginning and end of each game, and be easy for your equipment manager to deal with—certainly easier than dragging that nasty doormat halfway across the gym and back again.

#5: Use Carpet Foam Mats at The Oscars®!

Ok, we’re being a little facetious here, but wouldn’t it be totally awesome to have the stars of the sliver screen parading into the Academy Awards on our amazing Ruby Red Carpet-Top Foam Mats? Answer: Yes. Yes it would. And think of the possibilities beyond the Oscars® red carpet… they could be used for any major awards show or even for something a little more modest like your high school class formal or senior prom. Set up your very own “Red Carpet” for students to walk on as they enter.

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