Trade Show and Retail Flooring

Customers at trade show

Floors don’t stand out. They’re often intentionally understated. They’re kind of like shelves, intended only to hold, support, or display something else. And that’s okay. Understated can be good. It certainly holds sway in the world of attire: “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress. Dress impeccably and they remember the woman.┬áIn Coco Chanel’s world, an understated elegance guaranteed a lasting, positive, and productive impression. We like to think of our wood grain and carpet top mats as the impeccable flooring solution for the retail and trade show worlds. Think about it for just a minute. Classy, comfortable, putting the bigger picture in a good light – these are things an elegant presentation is and does. Your trade show booth should stand out because it catches the eye, welcomes the feet, and invites the customer to stay awhile. A faux wood grain surface beneath your display will do this quietly, but with the air of sophistication associated with genuine hardwood flooring.

Transpose this into the retail setting. What’s the make-or-break point of a sale? The people doing the selling, of course. If your business requires employees to be on their feet the better part of their shift, how can you make sure they’re at their best at the end of the day? Stylish, attractive, and anti-fatigue foam mats will keep the soreness out of their feet and the stiffness out of their backs, helping them to feel and act refreshed even after a long day. And that’s just good for business.

For a flooring system that’s quite soft to the touch and can absorb excess sound in louder settings, we suggest you consider our carpet top mats. Still shock-absorbing, anti-fatigue, and easily assembled and disassembled, these mats and their vibrant colors will be an eye-catching, feet-loving addition to your booth or business.

Think of We Sell Mats as the sophisticated “business casual” of floors. Definitely in a better league than unfinished concrete, more comfortable than tile, and easier to maintain than carpet. Classy and understated. Yeah – that’s us.