Trade Show Booth Flooring Gives You An Edge

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Having an edge on the competition at the trade show just got easier with EVA foam multipurpose mats. Every little thing you can do to stand out from the crowd at the exhibition hall is in your business’ best interest, and when you start with an eye-catching, comfortable, and easy to transport flooring system, you’re one up on the rest.

EVA foam trade show booth flooring can be as simple as some solid color multi-purpose floor mats. Choose some colors that complement your business palette and you bring the whole aesthetic together. Connect the mats to make an attractive pattern that really pops from a distance or go the subtle route with a single color that supports a focus on your product, Either way, you’ll have anti-fatigue EVA foam as the foundation for both your booth and your performance at the show. You’ll feel less fatigue, less aches in the feet and back, and your customers will appreciate your attention to their comfort as well.

Trade show booth flooring can be anything you want it to be, including classy hardwood-looking EVA foam. With several different wood grains to choose from, you can make your booth light and playful or warm and elegant. No one will even know it’s not real hardwood until they step on it, but when they do feel the comfort of the EVA foam, they’ll be relaxed and ready for that pitch you’ve been honing for the last year.

To really offer warmth and hospitality, you can even cover your trade show booth surface with carpet topped EVA foam mats. Go all out and invest in the Premium carpet topped mats for an easy-to-maintain commercial style carpet look and feel that will make the trade show feel less like an exhibition hall and more like the family room. The rich colors available will make it easy to bring your booth together in a professional and pleasing visual effect all while cushioning the steps taken on it. You can vacuum the mats just like you would a carpet, but because there is no deep pile to trap dirt and allergens, your flooring system will stay looking and feeling brand new for a multitude of exhibitions.

Whether you choose solid color multi-purpose mats, wood grain or carpet topped EVA foam mats, your trade show booth will be the one that stands out in the jungle of exhibitors. Go ahead and give yourself an affordable, resilient, and attractive edge at the next trade show with EVA foam mats.