Trade Show Flooring Dos and Don’ts

Interlocking foam mats make great trade show flooring.Flooring for trade show booths can be a tricky problem to solve. On the one hand, you want something that looks professional and attractive, but it also must be comfortable to stand on for several hours at a stretch. Practically, you’ll also be looking for a flooring solution that is as lightweight as possible, designed for fast and easy assembly, extremely durable, and ideally easy to clean.

Call us crazy, but we think EVA foam mats were made for trade show flooring! Compared to common alternatives such as carpet rolls, tarps, bare cement, and rubber rolls or mats, interlocking EVA foam mats are the best flooring solution for trade shows, hands down. Foam mats are extremely lightweight, fast and easy to assemble, and they deliver the most comfortable anti-fatigue surface by far. The other solutions mentioned tend to be very heavy, awkward to transport, and they fail to make your booth stand out.

Choosing a handsome and unique product like our Wood Grain Trade Show Mats gives your booth a professional appearance that is easy to ship, easy to assemble, and easy to maintain. Plus, when your competitors are all sitting down because the cement floor is giving them sore feet and an aching back, you’ll still be standing strong, ready to greet your customers with a smile. If you’re ready to give your trade show booth the x-factor it’s been missing, check out our most popular options for trade show flooring, and remember you can order one of our convenient 100 square foot packs!

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