A Trade Show Flooring Review

If you’ve ever staffed a trade show for your business, you know it can be exhausting. The planning alone can be an overwhelming task, and fielding the curve balls pitched to you at the event itself can have you swinging wildly if you’re not prepared. If your booth is designed atop attractive, supportive, and comfortable flooring, well, that’s one less thing you have to worry about!

Our trade show flooring options are something we like to brag about. We’ve got several options to choose from and each comes with our outstanding customer service as well as great reviews from folks just like you who have used our mats with exemplary results. “They’re a lot easier to transport than huge rolls of carpet and padding…totally worth it. They’re holding up great after several shows and lots of hauling around.”

You do a lot of planning for your trade show booth: displaying your product for optimal exposure, making your company stand out from the crowd, and ensuring your staff is prepared, fresh, and ready to close the deal even at the end of the day. With all the work you’re putting into the expo, it makes sense to have a tried-and-true foundation from which to work. Whether it’s our soft carpet top mats or one of our classy wood grain options, you’ll have a padded, anti-fatigue base that will help your staff and product looking their best even at closing time.

In the concrete jungle of convocation centers, expo halls, and warehouses, an attractive and unusual floor might be a substantive factor for your customers. They’ve been hoofing it around the hard floor all day, but when they come to your booth, they’re welcomed with an elegant and cushioned feel that just might make them look at your business with a smile. And that can mean the difference between a passing glance and a customer for life.

Ask us for a sample of our carpet top or wood grain mats – we’ll be glad to help you choose and get exactly the right amount for your booth. If you put stock in customer reviews, give our mats a try to see just exactly how “totally worth it” they really are!