Trade Show Floors Meet Their Nemesis…Foam Mats!

You might not suspect it, but feet have many enemies – legs of tables, corners of desks, the cold, half the world is out to get your toes, but there’s only one thing that could genuinely be considered the foot’s nemesis, and that is the floor at that trade show. You know the one. Concrete, maybe some kind of synthetic hardwood, who knows. But it’s hard, and it’s willing to wage a war of attrition on your feet like none other. You’ll be standing for hours. Walking will be a relief because at least then your feet get to take turns not being on the ground. But you have a secret weapon…Mats – the natural enemy of the trade show floor, and the apex predator of the flooring food chain. See, mats aren’t hunters. They starve the trade show floor out – without access to its prey (that’s your feet) they lose their sting. Once one of our mats is on top of it, it might as well be a cloud. That’s what we’re telling producers anyhow, and we’re pretty sure we’ve got a shot at getting floor mat advertisements into a nature documentary or two.

In the meantime, we’re supplying small businesses with the means to make trade shows survivable. At big PR events like trade shows, it’s important to be pleasant for everyone you interact with, and sore feet and exhaustion could probably have made even Bob Ross grouchy. A mat between you and that hard floor can help you sustain your energy and your comfort so that you can make that vitally important good impression and build a relationship with a potential customer. Just as a marathon runner wouldn’t wear flip-flops (a questionable choice of attire in any situation, really), you shouldn’t expose your feet to uncomfortable flooring in a situation where you can control your environment a little better than that. Give us a call!