Trade Shows with the Biggest Return

It can be hard to decide in which trade show you should invest your valuable resources. You have a limited amount of time to give, so you want to make sure you’re spending it at the trade show or expo that’s going to give you and your business the greatest return. How do you decide??Understanding the track record a trade show has is a valuable first step in determining whether it’s the right venue for your exhibit. Do you know anyone who has exhibited at this show before? What was their experience? Trade shows are often reported on in the media, so do your homework and find out whether this particular show was well publicized by the event planners, whether it was well attended, and whether exhibitors were satisfied with the venue. If the headlines read “Parking Fiasco Keeps Customers from Trade Show,” you probably want to investigate before committing to exhibit!

If you’ve determined the exhibition is a solid one, decide whether it’s going to attract the kind of customers you need. If the show is oriented directly toward consumers, how likely are you to make a direct sale? If the event is oriented toward your industry, you’ll have access to the movers and shakers; research who these industry representatives are and whether they are the right ones you need to grow your business.

Regardless of the venue, your time and energy are an investment you need to make wisely. Whether you’re attending a local consumer-oriented show that needs to draw customers to your booth or an industry-oriented show where you spend your time learning, networking, and showcasing, the way you present your business will have the biggest say in how successful you ultimately are.

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