Tradition and Protection

Martial arts is one of those things that’s just steeped in tradition, and not much about most of the practices changes over time. When it does though, it’s usually in the name of reducing injury without reducing results. Unless you’re training with Bruce Lee, the opponent you’re typically most likely to get hurt facing is the floor, so flooring is one of the few things that you’ll want to really look at improving as you plan your martial arts practice. Fortunately, our modern era has produced some pretty exceptional martial arts mats which mimic the texture of traditional tatami flooring while cushioning and protecting the practitioner who takes a tumble.

Despite what the bright color options might seem to suggest, the martial arts mats we carry are designed with faithfulness to traditional practice in mind. The tatami flooring that one might have found in the spaces that Japanese martial artists developed their craft in an older era probably wouldn’t have been especially comfortable to fall down on, but to their credit, the texture was excellent at promoting stable footing. Our martial arts mats keep that texture in their design while adding different levels of thickness so you can get exactly the balance between cushion and firmness that you want, so you need never sacrifice safety in the name of efficient practice.

Whatever your martial arts practice calls for, we don’t think you should have to compromise. Whether you’re concerned about replicating the practice of the masters of martial arts, or you’re more interested in the exercise aspects, or it’s entirely a philosophical practice for you, what we choose to offer will never be anything less than something that supports all of those things. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’ve got any questions, and give us a like on Facebook for a discount on all your orders—we’ll get you set up with exactly what you need!