Trends in Playrooms

kids playing in playroom

Take a look at what’s hot in playroom decor, and you’ll wonder who comes up with these things. Some of the “play” rooms look like they were actually designed to appeal to the inner child of an adult, not an adventurous, messy kid. Kids should be able to be themselves in their own play space. As a certain magic school bus driver would say, kids should be able to “Take chances! Make mistakes! Get messy!”The best playrooms are going to accommodate the true needs of the child. For example, what can you expect if you put expensive hardwood flooring in the playroom? Well, you’re going to have hardwood flooring that looks 20 years old in the space of about six months. Kids are hard on floors, walls, furniture, and parents. The playroom needs to be designed to take a licking. And that’s where we can help.

Our EVA foam mats will do two very important things: protect your floors and protect your kids. Want that hardwood to stay looking like new? Consider delineating an area with foam mats where the most traffic will be. If you have allergy concerns, carpet is not a good idea in a playroom as it traps pollen, dust, animal dander, and provides a cozy habitat for dust mites. And if the playroom is in a basement, cold, hard concrete is no friend to indoor play. Our mats can be laid directly over the concrete to provide cushioning for the kids while still providing a solid, steady surface for play.

Take a look at our 3/8″ and 1/2″ thick solid color mats. Each mat is 24″ square, so you won’t need a whole lot of them to cover your space. But if your space is small and you think smaller mats would be a better fit, we do offer a colorful selection of 12″ square mats. For a more juvenile look, try our ABC/123 mats. (We don’t recommend using the mats for children under 3.) For a classy finish that will blend with the rest of your home, you may want to consider our wood grain mats. These are by far our best all-around sellers, and would make any playroom warm and inviting.

No highly patterned carpets where you can’t see the itty-bitty toy pieces before you step on them. No cold concrete on which children will just solidly refuse to play (ending up in the middle of the kitchen floor instead). And no carpet guaranteed to hold stains for the duration of its life. Trend-bucking, easily installed, easily cleaned, comfortable, and supportive foam mats are obviously the way to go in the playroom.