Tumbling Mats and Crash Pads

Tumbling mat and crash pad

It’s time to start thinking about after-school activities already – and if you’re not planning on participating in organized sports, we highly recommend the purchase of some tumbling mats or crash pads to use at home. Because those kids are going to need to get the sillies out one way or another!

Nothing encourages kids to be active like having a soft place to literally throw their bodies down and roll around. A gymnastics class would add a little structure to that free-for-all, but organized gymnastics may not be for everyone. So how do you keep the kids active? Throw down a couple of tumbling mats and just watch what happens!

Our tumbling mats are 1 1/2-2” thick and covered in a durable 18 oz. vinyl that is very likely to outlast your kid’s childhood! The mats come in three sizes: 4×6, 4×8, and 5×10 so you can get the mat that will fit your space and your child. They come with fasteners on the panels so if you need to increase the coverage space, you can easily connect multiple panels without worrying about them moving around or coming unfastened.

Now for the kid with serious amounts of energy to expend at the end of the day (maybe a parkour enthusiast?) you should take a look at the crash pads. These bad boys offer serious cushioning. Choose from 4, 8, or 12 inches of foam core padding for your 4×8’ mat. They fold in half to store easily and are covered top and bottom with tough, 18 oz. vinyl, and a sturdy mesh on the sides.

Of course the mats are great for at-home practice of gymnastics and martial arts, so whether your student is looking for a place to rough-house or do some serious training, we’ve got you covered!