Tumbling Mats for Childhood

Where do tumbling mats fit into your child’s active life? Everywhere. Seriously, where wouldn’t the application of a safe, supportive, and padded surface improve your child’s play? Nothing can replace a parent’s vigilant eye, but tumbling mats go the distance when it comes to providing that safe play space at home. 

The happy truth is that tumbling mats aren’t just for tumbling and gymnastics. Of course that is their primary application, but they can do so much more. If you happen to have a toddler or young child who loves the sport, gymnastics is a phenomenal way to encourage a healthy lifestyle beginning at a very young age. A tumbling class or gymnastics program can lead to all kinds of healthful activities and that’s a goal of every parent who cringes at the idea of too much screen time. But even if your children aren’t aspiring gymnasts, you can provide the safe environment they need to stay active at home.

Tumbling mats offer a fun, padded surface for just about any indoor activity. Your little flying ninja who likes to launch off of anything taller than she is will love the soft landing she experiences when she meets the tumbling mat. Shoot, she can even learn how to do a good ninja roll on the mats! Maybe your kids love roughhousing – who doesn’t? You can help them avoid trips to the emergency room with a padded surface on which to take out all that energy. Sleepovers? Tumbling mats are the best makeshift bed a kid could ask for. Friends will flock to your house for those slumber parties because you have the coolest mats for play and bedtime. And even if your child is just a toddler, playtime on the mats is so comfortable, the mats could double as a space for nap time. And they are large enough that you just might join in the play and the nap!

Tumbling mats make childhood a wee bit safer, definitely more fun, and a little bit less stressful for Mom and Dad. Choose a fun color or color combination, pick just the right size (remember those kids grow…), and enjoy the all-too-quick moments of childhood with the comfort and safety of the tumbling mat.