Tumbling Mats for Cold Days

As cold weather sets in over most of the country, kids are going to need something fun to do indoors and nothing beats some good ol’ rough-housing on our very best-selling tumbling mats. When you can’t bundle them up and send them outside to play, the next-best solution is to keep them active indoors. And that can be hard to do, especially if space is limited.

With a good set of tumbling mats, kids can do somersaults, pretend to be elite athletes, wrestle, and even practice what they learn in gymnastics or martial arts class. There are almost no limits to the things kids will come up with to do on the mats. Our tumbling mats have the perfect balance of padding and solidity to cushion and support all their playtime activities. Got a budding ninja? Or maybe a light saber-wielding young Jedi? Tumbling mats make their training just a little safer (and keep the training ground limited to the mat!).

Maybe your young gymnast just can’t stop tumbling even after class at the gym is over. He needs a tumbling mat at home to extend his practice time. Even parents of kids with special needs find that our tumbling mats make great exercise space for their children. The mats can stand up to plenty of abuse, too. The thick vinyl covering is durable to last a good long childhood, and can be easily cleaned, unlike their bedrooms. Just a little water and maybe some mild detergent and you’re done. They fold up quickly and can be stored when they’re not in use. But they’ll always be in use, so just leave them out, okay?

With a tumbling mat at home, it won’t matter what the weather outside is like. The kids can still be active and safe, entertained and encouraged, just by rolling around on one of our inviting tumbling mats. Shoot, they may even wear themselves out doing it. Did we mention the mats make a great place to nap?