Tumbling Mats for Every Activity

Tumbling mats are the foundation for all kinds of activities, not just gymnastics. They can be play mats, cheer mats, even wrestling mats. The job of the tumbling mat is to provide injury-preventing padding between the user and the floor. They should be thick enough to soften falls, supportive enough to ensure stability, and affordable enough that everyone can get them. Our tumbling mats meet all these requirements, so go ahead and grab yours now!

Our tumbling mats come in all sizes, because all kids come in all sizes, too. Little guys might not need as much space, so the smaller tumbling mats will be adequate. A young gymnast who wants to improve skills might need a little more length and width. Wrestlers and cheer teams need lots of space and cushioning, so it’s a good thing our tumbling mats have hook and loop fasteners so you can connect two or more together. You can even choose your thickness: 1.5” for traction and balance, and 2” for more cushioning and protection.

If space in your home is an issue, you can take the tumbling mats outside. They work well on solid outdoor surfaces and in this way can accommodate more users. If you have the space to use the mats inside, make sure they are situated far enough away from walls or furniture that a slip doesn’t result in slamming into something other than the tumbling mat. Nobody wants a trip to the ER, and if you use tumbling mats correctly, your chances of having to make that trip slim considerably.

Little kids can outgrow the smaller tumbling mats (duh) as they grow up, so those hook and loop fasteners are a money-saving investment. Just keep adding on. You won’t find the We Sell Mats quality tumbling mats anywhere else for the price we offer. They’re gym-quality; just read some of the reviews from gymnastics instructors who use them for class. So no matter what size the child, what activity will be done on them, or how much space is available, you can get professional-quality mats at the lowest prices right here at We Sell Mats.