Tumbling Mats Tame Snow Days

It can really be a double-edged sword: the snow day. The kids are deliriously happy to get to stay home from school, and parents (who may have to stay home from work) dread the inevitable moment: “I’m bored!” Let’s face it, they can only play outside for so long, then they’re indoors and feeling confined. We Sell Mats to the snowy rescue!Just because it’s a snow day, doesn’t mean the kids’ energy has magically disappeared, nor has their desire to be entertained. What better way to keep them both entertained and using up all that icy energy than with some safe, healthful activity indoors? They’re going to be racing around the house anyway, so may we suggest a small investment in a tumbling mat or two? With a soft landing space, you help direct their play into a specific area, encouraging robust activity that’s actually good for them.

Our tumbling mats come in many sizes and colors – there’s bound to be one that’s appealing to the “I’m bored” faction in your house. Our gymnastics tumbling mat┬áis 4’x6′ and up to 2″ thick. It folds up into three sections for easy storage and is covered in a thick Crosslink Polyethylene foam that cleans easily with just a little water – no harsh chemicals required. For a little more area, consider our 4’x8′ tumbling mats. Constructed of the same high-quality materials as the 4’x6′ mats, these fold into four parts, and have the same hook and loop fasteners as the smaller mats so that configurations with multiple mats is possible.

If you have a budding tumbler who follows the great American gymnasts, you may want to consider our Nastia Liukin tumbling mat. These mats and other gymnastics products are part of Ms. Liukin’s full line of equipment found at We Sell Mats. The tumbling mats come in two sizes, fold easily for storage, and contain anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties in the vinyl cover to keep them a safe place for the kids to play and practice.

Whether you live in a part of the world where snow days are common or unheard of, a tumbling mat is a great solution to the “I’m bored” plea that every parent eventually hears. We Sell Mats is proud to offer the very finest tumbling mats available, and with superior customer service that will ensure your purchasing experience is a positive one. Check out the links to the mats and give us a call if you have questions. We love to talk mats!