Upping the Ante at Trade Shows

customers at trade show

Every retailer knows that trade shows are essential. You learn, you check out the competition, you make contacts, and hopefully, you gain new customers. One thing that often happens at trade shows that you don’t usually plan for is the aching back and sore feet that come with standing on a concrete floor all day long. Fortunately, there’s a very simple, aesthetically pleasing solution to the physical discomfort one must endure staffing a booth: EVA foam mats. Not only will these anti-fatigue flooring squares take some pressure off your body, they can actually draw customers to your booth! Depending on what you’re displaying, we have two types of mats that you really should consider. Customers are always interested in the unique displays at trade shows, and our wood grain mats are easily the most intriguing platform on which to market your product. Who would expect a hardwood-style floor in the middle of a concrete sea? Fortunately for you and your customers, the appearance is all that’s wood-like; the 3/8″ of EVA foam under the surface cradles your feet and sends waves of comfort throughout your body. Your customers won’t want to leave your booth!

The second option to consider is our carpet top mats. These attractive, anti-fatigue mats are also 3/8″ thick and come in a variety of colors, easily matched to your business’ logo or corporate brand. Both the carpet top mats and the wood grain mats are easily assembled. Sporting interlocking tabs like a puzzle, the mats fit easily together and are easily taken up again for transportation and storage without compromising their durability. Because both wood grain and carpet top mats are a comfortable 3/8″ of EVA foam, the folks staffing your booth are going to feel energized even at the end of the day – and everyone knows a sales representative can make or break a retail relationship, so keep those people happy and comfortable!

Create an upscale oasis of comfort and marketing genius at your next trade show. Display your product and your people on one of our stunning floors. If you’d be interested in getting a sample of our mats, give our phenomenal customer service folks a call and we’ll get something in the mail right away. Nothing to lose – give us a call!!