Use the Force

May the force be with you, and not against you. What you’re really worrying about when you look at fitness mats and flooring for your workout area of choice is force. Force is how all of your workouts happen, force is how you get stronger, but it’s also how you get injured during exercise. That’s why it’s extremely important to address the issue of your body’s downward force into the floor; with the right fitness mat, force from your body’s motion into the floor is comfortably diffused, which is especially necessary if you take a spill doing an extra-active exercise.

The same concept is applied in practices like using a punching bag instead of, say, a brick wall. Imagining that sensation is enough to make most folks cringe, so how much sense could it possibly make to go without good fitness mats? Think of that as going over to the dark side of the force, where the force goes straight into your backside if you land on it. But don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of fitness mats to cover whatever your particular needs may be. A new hope for those who are careful about workout safety, if you will.

Puns aside, Harrison Ford himself is recovering from a dispute with physics on the set of the upcoming Star Wars movie. We’re sure he’d agree, especially now, safety, safety, safety. That’s really what our business is about – providing you with the tools you need to keep your environment safe and comfortable no matter what you throw at it. We’ve got a customer service crew that is dedicated to helping you find exactly what you need for your particular scenario, and we can even send you samples of the flooring so you can figure out exactly what you’re dealing with. Our fitness mats are made of top-notch, durable materials (honestly, they’re probably the best fitness mats in the galaxy, but we’re not sure what they make them with on other planets) and your experience with us will be just as great, so contact us if you need any more information!