Warm, Safe, Comfortable Play Spaces

Keeping the kids safe while they play may seem like an impossible task sometimes, but with EVA foam multi-purpose mats in their play space at home, you you’ll have a little more peace of mind that you’ve done everything you can. We’re not saying the mats will prevent every childhood injury, but the shock-absorbing nature of the mats definitely makes little tumbles and falls less threatening.

Choosing which EVA foam mats to put down in the play area may be the toughest decision you have to make. Are you going wall-to-wall in their very own room or are you creating a small island configuration in the family room? Are you trying to match existing decor or are you looking for a fun new pattern for the space? What kind of surface texture are you looking for? These are all questions to answer before you choose your foam mats. The good news is, our customer service folks love helping you make up your mind! They have really good questions and answers to help you choose what’s going to be best for your situation. Give them a call!

Many parents choose our EVA foam multi-purpose mats for play spaces because they are water- and stain-resistant and are super easy to care for. These colorful mats can be installed on any hard surface. Choose a single color or perhaps two or three to create fun patterns. When they need to be cleaned, just sweep off debris and maybe take a mop with a little mildly soapy water to them. Let them air dry and they’re good as new!

Some play spaces need to blend with the rest of the home, like in a living room, so the use of some attractive wood grain EVA foam mats are an excellent choice. These foam mats look so much like real hardwood, visitors will have a hard time telling the difference – until they step on them! They’re made of the same EVA foam as the multi-purpose mats, so they’re shock-absorbing and just feel awesome to walk on.

If you like the warmth of carpet, you can’t go wrong with some premium carpet topped mats in an array of rich, inviting colors. They’ll add warmth, both aesthetic and literal, to any space they cover. That’s a definite plus when the little ones are playing on cold, hard surfaces. The carpet topped mats will immediately improve their experience.

Choosing the right EVA foam mats for the play space might be difficult since there are so many attractive options, but once you’ve installed your selection, you’ll find genuine peace of mind that you’ve made a safe, comfortable, and durable choice for your kiddos.