Warm Up the Business with EVA Foam

With temperatures in the nose-hair freezing range in much of the country, you might consider some toasty carpet topped mats to warm your business space up a bit. The mats do actually act like a light layer of insulation, but more than that, they provide the cozy feeling of carpet without the royal pain carpeting in a business can be.

Premium carpet topped EVA foam mats are thick because of the EVA foam, not because of a thick carpet pile. That means you have the comfort of carpet without the trapped dust, debris, and allergens that carpet pile holds onto for dear life. When you vacuum regular carpet, you might get some of the dirt, but never all of it. With Premium Carpet Topped mats, you can use the same vacuum and know that there is no deep pile for dirt and allergens to hide. You’ll get a cleaner floor each time you vacuum.

Adding EVA foam flooring to your office space gives the whole area a facelift, which might just be what your office needs in the New Year. Having an attractive, inviting, and comfortable place from which to attend to all those administrative details makes the tedium seem bearable. The Premium Carpet Topped mats have tabs on all four sides so you can fit them together in just minutes without a professional installer. Just measure your space and purchase accordingly. No padding to install (that’s the EVA foam), and no toxic adhesives. Just size, trim, and install. Whether you’re going wall-to-wall or just plopping down an island configuration, the results will be aesthetically and functionally pleasing.

It doesn’t cost a fortune to upgrade your business space with EVA foam Premium Carpet Topped mats – just a desire for a new look, a better feel, and a great start to your business’ 2018.