What 10,000 Likes Means to Us

What is EVA FoamLate last night the We Sell Mats Facebook page reached its ten-thousandth fan, and we are super excited about it. That’s 10,000 different men and women, moms and dads, fitness buffs and gymnasts who all took the time to visit, click that Like button, and share the news about We Sell Mats with all their friends. So how does that make us feel?

GRATEFUL. A lot of companies say this sort of thing, but we genuinely mean it when we say that we appreciate and value every single one of our customers. We work hard to make mats you can enjoy and rely on to use every day, and the fact that over 10,000 of you have shown your own appreciation by joining our community on Facebook means an awful lot to us.

So here’s to all the customers we’ve met so far, and all who are yet to come; we love making the best mats we can for you, and we look forward to meeting the next 10,000 of you! Thanks again.

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