What Are Your Kids Closest To?

If your little ones are like all the rest, the thing they’re closest to is, well, the surface they play on, which is why they could benefit from some safe, easily maintained play mats. With only 3/8″ of EVA foam underneath them, you can rest assured your kids play surface is supportive and resilient enough for play, but also padded enough to absorb shock from falls. The play mats are super easy to care for too, which makes your job even easier.

A child’s life is full of bruises and scrapes, and no play mat will ever completely remove those badges of childhood honor, but for your own peace of mind, giving them a little protection in the play room, bedroom, or family room will lessen the degree to which those bumps become major issues. The mats are colorful, so they can be very inviting for the kids. In fact, it might be fun to let your kids help you choose the colors of “their” flooring. And because they’re so easy to install with puzzle-piece edges, the kids can even help put them down! And you know how kids respond to something new – they can’t stop messing with it! And that’s just what these play mats are for: the hard work of messing with stuff to learn and grow.

EVA play mats beat any other kind of playroom flooring hands down, not just because of the padding and quick installation, but also because they are easier to maintain than any other type of floor. If the peanut butter and crackers get ground into the mat – not a problem. Sweep it up and use a damp rag and maybe a little gentle cleaning spray to wipe it up. You can’t do that with carpet. That peanut butter is just going to stay there. Juice spill? No permanent stains with our play mats. Just wipe ’em up. Done. Your carpet would be completely ruined. And replacing it would cost a small fortune, but because our play mats are put together with individual pieces, if one mat does ever get damaged, just replace that single mat.

You work hard enough as a parent, so giving your kids some safe, clean play mats might just take the edge off.