What Does Your Trade Show Booth Say About You?

Your trade show booth design may be your only shot at getting exhibition attendees to stop and take a look, so the way you design your booth is critical to your success at the trade show. While you may be inclined to go with juggling clowns, magicians, and useless giveaways, we recommend you bring people to your booth with an elegant and professional design, including your flooring material, and let your product speak for itself. 

Trade shows are killers on the ol’ dogs, but with some EVA foam mats underfoot, your feet and joints will thank you. We Sell Mats can help pad your feet, catch your potential customers’ eyes, and maybe just keep them in your booth a little longer. You have to figure the customers have been wandering around a concrete floor in the exhibition hall, and that takes a toll on a body. But when they get to your booth and step onto what looks like hardwood flooring, they’ll be shocked and impressed when they realize it’s actually comfortable EVA foam. You’ve made them comfortable, so they’re more likely to stay and experience what you have to offer.

Rolling up carpet before and after a trade show is a monstrous task, but our  can be installed or disassembled in mere minutes, and because they’re so lightweight, you can even carry them in a convenient shoulder bag. No more back-straining break-down at the end of the show. If spills happen, you can just wipe them up. No need to replace the whole floor. And if a tile becomes damaged, you can just order a single tile to replace it! There. Did we just make your next trade show a little less foreboding?

Trade shows can be less stressful, more comfortable, and potentially more profitable with the simple and inexpensive addition of some EVA foam mats. Ask us for a sample and see for yourself!