What Should a Yoga Mat Do For You?

Why do I need a yoga mat? Isn’t it just some unnecessary hipster accessory? Good questions for someone new to the practice, and we’re here to help you understand what yoga mats are for and how to choose the one that’s best for you.

No, a yoga mat is not just an accessory. There are definitely yoga-related products out there that say more than they actually do, and we don’t sell those. Because all you really need for a good yoga practice is a mat, and maybe a block or strap. So let’s talk about the mat. Yoga is done on the ground, and as you well know, the ground is not soft nor does it prevent you from slipping. Our yoga mats are designed to do two things: give you just a little padding to make being on the floor tolerable if not comfortable, and to give you traction and support during poses. In any workout, you’ll sweat. And when you’re relying on nothing but your palms and soles of your feet to keep you from falling, you need something with a textured grip to help you feel secure that you can actually pull that pose off. Our mats range in thickness from the standard 3mm (minimal padding) to 5mm for a little more comfort, and to 8mm for superior cushioning and grip. All you have to do is decide where you fall on that spectrum.

The standard yoga mat is just that: if you want to just see how this whole yoga thing works, or if you know you don’t need extra cushioning and you’re just going to start as a beginner, this might be a great choice. If you’re concerned about padding, going up to the 5mm will give you the same quality mat with just a little more comfort. If you plan to do any kind of strenuous workout with your yoga mat, maybe a little hot yoga where you’ll be perspiring a lot, one of our 5mm or 8mm is a better choice. These mats have a high-tack finish for added grip and traction.

Yoga mats serve a very important function, whether you’re just beginning or are looking for a better mat than the one you have now. And we offer a carefully curated selection of Gaiam yoga mats because only the best will do. Take a look at our yoga mats; they’re grouped by thickness and tack. Choose the thickness that’s right for you and then have a little fun with the colors and patterns. It’s not just an accessory; a yoga mat is a tool and a path to a healthy body and a peaceful mind.