What to do with The Littles on a Cold, Cold Day

When it’s too cold to send the little guys outside to play, unfold a tumbling mat and you’ve unpacked hours of healthful fun! Nothing gets the wiggles out like a soft, supportive space to tumble, wrestle, dance, and hopefully nap! Our tumbling mats are made to last, so not only can they be used indoors in the winter months, but you can carry them outside easily for use in the beautiful spring and summer weather, too!

What makes our tumbling mats so versatile? Three things come to mind. First, the inside of the mats are made with Cross Linked polyethylene foam. This foam is super-dense, perfect for shock absorbing and padding. It doesn’t off-gas, so the kids aren’t exposed to toxic fumes. Which is great, because they’re going to be using the mats for a long time!

The second thing that makes our tumbling mats a must-have for kids is that they’re covered in a heavy duty vinyl. Eighteen ounce vinyl, to be exact. This is the same stuff that’s used for truck tarps and boat houses! It’s going to last! Use them indoors and they’re resistant to tearing. Use them outdoors and they’re resistant to weather.

The final component in the versatility of our tumbling mats is your kids’ imaginations! Remember the tents you used to build as a kid in the family room with sheets and blankets? Remember them falling down all the time?! Well, imagine a foldable, rigid mat that could be shaped into the perfect tent without falling down. Bring on the popcorn. Spread it out completely, maybe attach a second one to the hook and loop fasteners on the sides, and you’ve got a covered floor space perfect for the 2016 Neighborhood Games (didn’t the kids mention it was your turn to host this year??). And of course, the mats are perfect for extending tumbling practice when the kids return from gymnastics class.

You can’t go wrong with supportive, cushioning, imagination-inspiring tumbling mats!