What to Look for in a Martial Arts Mat

What to look for in a martial arts floor mat.

When you’re practicing a martial art, there are a couple things that are pretty much supposed to hurt you, but the floor isn’t one of them. You’ve got enough to concentrate on without worrying about the reliability of your flooring. The solution? Well, we’ve got a couple, and they come in a bunch of colors and dimensions.

Martial arts floor mats are just one link in the chain when you’re trying to run a training facility, but you know what they say about the weakest link – and there’s no reason for the floor mats to be that link. The mats we carry are specially designed, and different from our standard EVA mats. The thicknesses we offer are all within a range that’s designed to be ideal for martial arts training, for protection, and for solid footing. On a martial arts mat, you should be able to plant your feet firmly but also be able to fall without fear, and the texture and composition of these mats provide the ability to do both.

Of course, the martial arts environment can be a tough one, and so, like our other mats, these are designed to be chemically resistant so that they can take whatever cleaners you can throw at them. They won’t trap odors or bacteria, and keeping the environment sanitary is as easy as can be.

Installation is another issue that can seem intimidating, but, like the EVA mats, our martial arts mats are designed with the same interlocking pattern that our customers have grown to love for its ease of use. Redoing the flooring in any building can be an expensive, time-consuming process, but that’s what makes mats such an ideal choice – all the benefits of tearing up the floorboards with none of the time and hassle spent.

As always, we’re here to help in any way we can, whether that’s with the martial arts mats, one of our other products, installation, or any other concerns you might have. Don’t hesitate to contact us – we’ll do whatever we can to make this the best online shopping experience you’ll have all year.